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67% of people have limited to zero access to a safe drinking water source.

83% of people have limited to zero access to a safe toilet facility.

94% of people have limited to zero access to a handwashing facility.

Impact on Education

Rural Ugandan children ​spend hours each day walking miles to collect water. When improved water sources are built in their communities, children can spend these hours in school. 

When local schools also have improved water and sanitation facilities, girls are able to stay in school once they reach puberty. Over half of the girls in Sub-saharan Africa who drop out of primary school do so because of poor water and sanitation facilities.

Impact on Education

Health Impact

Contaminated water can transmit a wealth of disease; diarrhoea, typhoid and countless parasites, causing illness, malnutrition and even death. Water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases mean less time at work or school and high health bills, trapping communities in a cycle of poverty.

One in every four child deaths in the world is caused by water related diseases.

To combat this, Busoga Trust is bringing clean water to thousands of villages across Uganda, by working with communities to construct hand dug wells, boreholes, rain water harvesting tanks and protected springs.

Health Impact

Women & Girls

Across the developing world, women and children bear the brunt of responsibility for water collection. 

Spending hours every day collecting water from contaminated water sources, not only ​puts their family's lives at risk through water borne diseases, but also takes a lot of time in the day, time that could be spent in education, work or caring for family members.

Without toilets at home, women and girls also put their safety at risk, finding a place to go.

Women & Girls

Our Work

With the support of our donors, we are working with communities to create safe water sources, build latrines and improve sanitation and hygiene.

We are focusing on community-led, sustainable solutions, taking a holistic approach to ensure every community we work with receives the support they need to thrive.

Find out more about our work by following the links in this section.


Safe Water Sources

Providing rural Ugandan communities with safe and accessible water, with sustainable maintenance and constant tracking of our water sources



Our micro-finance scheme enables schools and lower income households to afford sanitation facilities by providing low interest loans .


Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Using the Community-Led Total Sanitation strategy, every community we work with has technical training and support to make their homes more hygienic. 

Our Work
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