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Comic Relief safe water well - still pumping 23 years later.

Comic Relief safe water well - still pumping 23 years later.


Founded in 1983, Busoga Trust has provided clean water to over 1.25 million people. 


Our Story



The Busoga Trust provides sustainable access to safe water, improved sanitation and comprehensive hygiene education to communities in rural Uganda. Our aim is to empower vulnerable communities to build healthier, more prosperous lives.

In 1979 the then Bishop of Busoga, the region from where the Trust takes its name, set up the Busoga Diocese multi-sectoral rural development programme with the aim of bringing improved prosperity and hope after years of political turmoil.

To expand this work the Bishop sought support and partnership from his contacts in the UK, which led to the formation of the Busoga Trust 1982.

Since 1983, the Busoga Trust has constructed over 2500 water sources and has expanded its remit to work not only in Busoga but across Uganda. Committed to long term sustainability, our very first well is still pumping clean, accessible water, even to this day, which is a testament to our commitment to the communities we serve.

Over the years the Trust had benefited greatly from funding by the UK government, the EU, Comic Relief, and the support of many trusts, individuals, schools and churches. 

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