Our affordable loan scheme enables schools and lower income households to build improved sanitation facilities

Micro-Finance for Latrines

In the densely populated slum of Bugembe, the lack of access to adequate sanitation means water-bourne illnesses can spread quickly.


Busoga Trust is helping to tackle this issue through a micro-finance scheme. This scheme enables access to improved and affordable sanitation facilities for schools and lower income households by providing very low interest affordable loans which are for the sole purpose of investment in latrines. Once the loans have been paid back the money is then made available to other households. 

The team also run sanitation awareness campaigns to help households understand the vital role good sanitation plays in the health of their community. 


To date over 230 stances have been constructed benefiting some 400 households.


Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in Kaliro

For women in rural Ugandan households it is common to spend hours a day travelling to and queuing to collect water. This means much less time for work and rest, as well as exposure to risk of assault. In the dry season accessing sufficient water can become even more difficult.

Rainwater Harvesting gives a household its own supply of clean water which can last many months and provide particular relief through the dry season. The Busoga Trust is enabling  households to invest in a Rainwater Harvesting Tank by taking out a revolving loan, repayable at low interest, to cover the cost.

Janet (pictured bottom left) is the proud owner of such a facility. “Before I had to walk to a borehole 1km away to get water. It was always very busy, and it was difficult for me to go there as well as care for my grandchildren. Now I can get good water easily, I feel safer, and our loan repayment is very manageable.”