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We work with communities to help them practice good sanitation and hygiene.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Training (WASH) 

In all of the communities Busoga Trust works in, we provide  technical training and the rationale to equip households to make their home environments more sanitary and hygienic.

Communities are trained in latrine construction methods, waste disposal, food preparation and safe storage, the construction of tippy-tap hand washing stations, and the importance of using soap or ash when hand-washing. We also work with communities to improve their cooking environment, by replacing highly pollutant, toxic stoves for more efficient and cleaner facilities. 


We work with communities to help them become Open-Defecation Free using a strategy called Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS). This strategy facilitates communities to conduct their own analysis of open defecation and to decide what action they will take to address it. It recognises that providing toilets alone does not ensure their use, or result in substantial improvements in sanitation and hygiene. Rather underlying behavioural change is needed to ensure sustainable improvements, and this change needs to be community led and use local solutions.

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