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Hundreds of Communities Impacted in Kayunga District Through Borehole Rehabilitation Programme!

Written by Moses Waibi and Namukose Winnie.

(Senda Gangama Borehole before, during and after rehabilitation - June 2022)

Since April 2021, borehole rehabilitation, community empowerment and sanitation improvement have been such a success in Kayunga District. This has led to the revival of many boreholes in the different communities that we work in.

Today we bring a testimony of one of the members in the communities of intervention. Meet Namakula Fazila, the Chairperson of the Senda Gangama Borehole and a resident of Nazigo Senda Village, Nazigo parish in Nazigo Sub County Kayunga District. She can rarely forget this day when Busoga Trust has changed her story concerning water in her village.

For one full year we have been suffering due to water scarcity following the breakdown of our borehole due to extremely corroded pipes, rods and wasted cylinder. My community could not afford the costs of repair due to their low income status and the poor borehole management system so we resorted to fetching dirty stinking water from a pond in our village where women would wash cloth and all the dirty water runs back into the well, sharing with animals; and for the disabled and community members who were far from the pond, they had to buy this same water from sellers at 500UGX (£0.10) a jerry can which was expensive. This whole experience was so traumatizing especially for our children and the whole community.
We had lost hope of ever repairing our borehole and then came Busoga Trust who promised to not only repair our borehole but also to revive and empower the water user committee withmanagement skills to sustain our borehole and also change the sanitation status of our community. And this month of June 2022, Busoga Trust has fulfilled the promise of repairing our borehole and we are more than thankful for their intervention in our village. Thank you Busoga Trust!

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