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Busoga Trust brings hope to Bubwoira village, after theft devastates the community.

Meet Miss Nangobi Mariam from Bubwoira village, Kitayunjwa parish in Kitayunjwa Sub-County, Kamuli district. With a wide smile, Mariam a mother of four children commented that Busoga Trust has gifted her village with such a life “resurrecting” precious gift of safe and clean water!

On 5th December 2022 our village woke up in a shock with our only borehole vandalized. All the pipes, rods, tank and pump head had been stolen by unknown people. Since then, we have been suffering to get clean water.

We have been collecting water from a traditional pond which has dirty and unsafe water. If we want water for drinking, we walk almost a kilometer to Nakimegere Seed School which is in the neighbouring village.”

Words can’t express enough the joy I feel after seeing the first drops of safe, clean water from our borehole after months of suffering drinking dirty and stinking pond water. We had lost hope of ever replacing our borehole due to our low-income status in our community. Busoga Trust has changed our story; they have fully replaced our borehole with new stainless pipes and spare parts and now we are fetching safe and clean water for drinking and other domestic purposes”. Mariam added

Busoga Trust has helped us establish a saving culture through the PBR program for the sustainability of our borehole!” Mariam spoke with joy.

“Thank you, Busoga Trust, for reaching out to rural communities like ours to help improve sanitation, hygiene and livelihoods! God bless you as you continue to help even other communities!


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