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Goodbye Pond Water - Hello Clean Water! Busoga Trust brings hope to Bumbo Bulyanga village in Mpigi!

The dirty pond Harriet collected water from before the rehabilitation took place.

Harriet Nakinga lives in Bumbo village and is a mother of 5. Our team recently interviewed her on what life was like before Busoga Trust came and rehabilitated her village borehole:

“It has been more than three years of suffering drinking stinking dirty pond water ever since our borehole broke down. We were spending every coin we earn in hospitals treating typhoid, dysentery, and diarrhea; this has led to deterioration in our health and the economic growth of our families. Some community members and young children do Open Defecation especially around the pond all this ends up in the pond on rainy days,” Harriet recalled.

Bumbo borehole before rehabilitation - it didn't provide a drop of water for three years.

“We had lost hope of repairing our borehole due to the low-income status of our community. But Busoga Trust has come to our village and repaired our borehole and now we are fetching safe, clean water!”

Bumbo borehole after rehabilitation - now providing clean, safe water to the the entire community.

Busoga Trust is now rehabilitating 36 boreholes per month. If you'd like to support our borehole rehabilitation programme, please get in touch with us by emailing, or you can make a donation directly to our website.

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