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Come and See

In September 2017, the Busoga Trust UK team made our annual trip to spend time with the team in Uganda. John Morton, one of our supporters accompanied us. Here is how he got involved with Busoga Trust’s work…

“Back in the summer of 2012 I was about to become President of my local Rotary Club in Tavistock, Devon. Upon asking members for a suitable international project to support, somebody suggested the Busoga Trust. I had never heard of them but after doing some research I felt confident that the Busoga Trust would use our donation well.

I then met with Andrew Pearson, the director of Busoga Trust, and his message to me was ‘come and see’. To see for myself the work of the Trust, meet the people the Trust partners with, and see the change it makes first hand.

This message struck home with me and I soon found myself in Uganda witnessing the incredible transformation improved water and sanitation facilities make to rural communities and hearing from people stories of lives changed.

Our Rotary Club went on to raise funds to enable some 16 projects to be completed, and I have been out to visit every year since. Every trip I make, I am impacted by The Busoga Trust team as they reflect an unwavering commitment, with compassion, to sustainably improving the lives of others, going the extra mile to treat individuals with respect, and building up a strong reputation within the Ugandan NGO sphere.

I continue to support the Busoga Trust with confidence and champion their cause whenever I have the opportunity.”

Would you like to ‘come and see’? Our Guesthouse in Jinja, Uganda, is a great base to explore the area, and our team can show you first hand some of our projects and communities we serve. Contact us for more information.


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