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Thoughts of an intern-ational volunteer

Hello Readers,

I’m Callum Reade and I am currently a studying at University of Coventry.

Not many of you will know, but I have been undertaking a 9-month long University placement with the Busoga Trust in Uganda, that now is sadly coming to an end…

Since coming out here in October 2018 I have been working alongside the Busoga Trust team with the aim to assist them with their ongoing battle to relieve water poverty and improve hygiene and sanitation in Central and Eastern Uganda. This amazing opportunity has enabled me to develop new skills and grasp an understanding of the challenges that are faced by the Trust within development sector.

Since my first day I have been immersed in many aspects of the Trust’s operations. This has involved a wide array of tasks, enabling me to learn from the diverse skillsets that the staff possess, which are vital for the charity to conduct its work to the same high standard as it has for the last 30 years.

Examples of such work included accompanying Community Development Officers out in the field while they conducted essential house-to-house surveys in communities with prospective and previously established Busoga Trust supported water sources. I’ve also accompanied teams where I was lucky enough to observe them leading community education programs for the development and maintenance of hygiene and sanitation facilities, which was just one example of the successful partnership programs the Trust is involved in the region.

Although field work is a major part of their operations, this work wouldn’t be possible without the administrational work conducted behind the scenes at the Busoga Trust offices in Jinja. This placement has allowed me to be involved and grow a greater appreciation of the hard work, which takes the form of report writing, data processing and other substantial functions that are required to enable such a charity to accomplish its life changing work.

The chance I have been given has be such an eye-opening and wonderful experience. It has provided an undistorted view of the realities of working within a developing environment and the challenges the Busoga Trust faces whilst trying to achieve its mission. The knowledge I will take with me will be vital not just for my degree but whatever the future may have in store for me.

I would like to say a massive thank you to the CEO, Andrew Pearson, and the Country Manager, Johnson Waibi, for accepting me into the Busoga Trust team. I would also like to say a special thank you to the Liaison Officer, Mark Kenny, for guiding me through my time working for the Trust. It has truly been a wonderful and unforgettable 9 months.


Callum Reade


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