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Can You Dig It? Together We Can!

To begin 2019 we thought we would share with you one of our favourite achievements from last year. The community of Kyambogo, Luwero, were in desperate need of a new well. The nearest source was several kilometres away and served over 100 households, meaning long trips and long queues for safe water. Due to demand, this well would also dry up and need to recharge for several hours before pumping again.

The new well proved a tougher task than most. A thick layer of rock was encountered almost immediately. The whole area is covered by this rocky formation, so moving the well was not an option. The first layer of rock was 8ft deep, but then another, harder, layer was met at 40ft. This layer was so hard that it broke pickaxes so the technician and local community members had to use sledgehammers and chisels to break through another 10ft before adequate recharge of water was achieved.

This was a massive achievement and a fantastic example of how the Busoga Trust works alongside local communities to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to achieve the goal of safe water.


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