Bukwanga Village

Donor – Rebecca Pattinson

Date – April 2012

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Bukwanga is the outlier to the cluster of wells we have so far built in Bukanga sub-county, it lies about 10-15minutes drive away from the nearest other site of Buwologoma. To reach it you have to go along dirt tracks used only by bicycles on a regular basis, it lies on a ridge of hills away from the ubiquitous swamp and hills of the rest of Bukanga sub-county, though it does provide a good view of them. In fact, it seems the environment is different up there, with more trees growing but of less familiar vairieties. There is a distinct lack in the amount of sugarcane, though it is still grown in some areas. It has largely been usurped by coffee that grows better at the raised altitude.

The water situation, is particularly scenic as the photos will testify, but not the less unhealthy for it. There is immense pressure on the one traditional source that serves the population of Bukwanga, with no other traditional or safe water sources within walking distance. Therefore, they are especially in need of the safe water we can provide for them with their participation and support.


19/3/2012 – 1st village meeting took place today with 114 people from Bukwanga there. They listened to the Busoga Trust team explain the process of building a well and the requirements that we make on the village in order for us to help them. Primarily, the village must dramatically improve their sanitation and provide labour and local materials towards the construction process.

21/3/2012 –Baseline was conducted, going house to house for a sample of the sanitation state of the village, so we can measure our effect upon the sanitation and gauge whether we have made a difference.

28/3/2012 –The 72 people who attended today’s community led total sanitation event were “horrified” in the words of our head sociologist Josef Baisi, to see the faeces in their community. This is the idea of the workshop to show people that if you don’t have a toilet you are contaminating you food and water and exposing yourself and your family, friends and neighbours to deadly diseases, such as cholera, diarrhoea and giardia.

12/4/2012 – We were sufficiently satisfied with the sanitation improvements to deliver the technician Dan Biso onto the site. Excavation is now under way.

13/4/2012 – Excavation is currently at 8ft, but due to the hardness of the rock we have already broken 4 pick axes during excavation. This may be a difficult well to complete. But participation is good at 20 people present when we visited.

16/4/2012 – 12ft has been reached, the formation is much the same but participation in the process is being maintained. Dan Biso, the technician, is a skilled mobilise of the communities he works in.

20/4/2012 – Another 2 pick axes have been broken, which is testament to the continued problems we have with the hardness of the rock. Dan is doing a great job though, currently at 18ft with 26 people from the community helping in the contstruction.

23/4/2012 – Good news, water has been struck at 21ft, and we are now at 24ft. Therefore, we have decided to deliver the cement and transport the local materials (sand, bricks and aggregates to site). It’s been a great effort from the community, hopefully there will be a sufficient quantity of water to produce a viable well.

26/4/2012 – The sides of the well are becoming softer the deeper we go, which has led to some partial caving of the walls at 26ft. Edison, the technical supervisor, has directed Dan to brick-line that portion to stabilise the well.

27/4/2012 – Follow up on sanitation visit, they are keen and enthusiastic, but they currently complain that they lack the time to improve their sanitation by digging latrines because they are spending the time digging the well and planting food in their field because the rains have started. I am sure they will have the time to do it before we finish. On the technical side, the work is progressing well, 20 people were on site and the well was still at 26ft having been stabilised.

31/5/2012 – The problem with the caving is so bad that Edison has instructed the technician to build some concrete culverts to stabilise the final portion of the well. These culvertst will be lowered into position during excavation and their weight will help push up some of the running mud that we have encountered. Currently at 27ft,  with 7ft water column.

7/5/2012 – The technical work is over, the well was dug to a depth of 30ft, with a 10ft water column, sufficient water for the village, who no longer have to face the choice of drinking from an open pond or travelling for hours for safe water. Bukwanga is ready for installation because the sanitation messages have been adopted by the community. Therefore, we hosted the operation and maintenance workshop today to explain to the community and the users committee, the best ways to govern the water source so that people contribute towards it’s upkeep and keep the surface clean to prevent secondary contamination. The community were receptive, and they instantly  set up a community contribution fund, to pay for repairs, with a total of 30,000UHS within it (£8), a promising start.

10/5/2012 – The well was installed today, the people of Bukwanga now have a safe water source and improved sanitation to enjoy for perpetuity, if they choose to maintain the system.

Technical Data
Sub-County – Bukanga
District – Luuka
Existing Water Source –Traditional Source, Open Pond
Type of New Water Source – Shallow Hand Dug Well, Consallen Pump
Population – approx. 1400
GPS location – N 00.71361, E 033.41300
Elevation – 3632ft
Technicians Name – Dan Biso
Current Depth – 30ft
Water Column – 10ft
Recharge Rate – 3ft/hour

Sociology Data
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Water Quality Data
Water Quality Test Results: Bukwanga

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