Water Projects

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Water Interventions

Providing people with clean water looks different in each community. Population, water sources, and terrain all play a part in deciding what technology is needed to best serve people and there is a solution to everything. We currently install 4 different types of water sources.

Hand-dug Wells                 Drilled Wells                      Spring Protection                         Rainwater Catchment

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Community Participation

Our team on the ground select communities to work with based on needs assessments. Communities then decide through group consensus where to locate their water source, elect their own Water Users Committee and are required to contribute in-kind and financially towards the cost of any projects and its ongoing maintenance. This ensures that they feel a sense of ownership toward the pump or latrines &, through the elected & trained Water Users Committee, are more likely to maintain it.


16267405700_ca66169921_oEnsuring Sustainability

If we start work in a project area, then we are there for the long haul. This, combined with our strategy of working in clusters, ensures that a critical mass of water sources can be built up to provide comprehensive coverage. It also allows us to ensure high levels of water source functionality. The greatest testament to this approach is that our very first source, constructed in 1984, is still pumping safe water 32 years later. One of our aims is to achieve 100% functionality for our sources. This means good monitoring and evaluation and rehabilitating any water sources that have stopped working.


Proving itBusoga-27-2400x1597

In the end, we map every completed project on our website using Google Maps so supporters can see exactly where we work, and the types of projects we fund in each area.