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Our Impact

We have constructed over 2300 water sources since 1983 and we carry out comprehensive hygiene and health education and training in all the communities where we work.

Functionality has become a major focus of the water and sanitation sector in recent years. It is estimated that around 30% of handpumps in Sub-Saharan Africa are non-functional. We currently have a functionality of 77% and are looking to push this closer to 100% in the coming years. We have a team of “Outriders” – motorcycle based monitoring officers who routinely visit every source. Any broken down or poorly sited wells are now being repaired and re-sited in a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

Sustainable Behavioural Change

Sustainable behavioural change is also a challenge. Some traditions in communities prevent people from accepting the need for change with hand washing being the most difficult activity to maintain in the communities. As such, we continue to monitor communities and make follow up visits where necessary.


The graphic below shows the main technologies that we use and the number of each type of source.