Hygiene Projects

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Promoting hygiene

Good hygiene practices have the potential to reduce the disease burden significantly. Our work on hygiene and environmental sanitation has four main areas of focus.

Home Improvement Campaign (HIC)

HICs are a comprehensive hygiene and sanitation intervention designed to bring a community as close to optimum levels of hygiene and sanitation as possible. First, as ever, a detailed pre-intervention baseline survey is conducted in order to establish coverage levels across the village. Then a home is chosen to be a demonstration case, or “model home”. This will be used to train the wider community in both the need for, and construction methods of, a wide range of beneficial assets including; Fuel efficient cook-stoves, Refuse pits, Soak pits (to pour away grey water), Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines, Separate, private bathing areas, Animal pens, Washing lines, Drying rack (for pots, pans, etc), and Mosquito repellent plants.


This training is provided over a three month period, supported by relevant topics on the weekly WASH radio show. At the end of the period, a post-intervention survey is conducted and all the households are ranked relative to the level of their sanitation. A prize giving ceremony is held, attended by local dignitaries and representatives of neighbouring communities, where prizes such as mosquito nets, soap and basins are distributed. Distribution of nets and soap is a health intervention in itself, but adding extra prizes such as paraffin lamps helps make it a genuine reward for relative effort.

Weekly WASH radio show

Every week, in each of our project areas, we broadcast a weekly WASH radio show. It usually takes the form of a talk show, both covering a specific topic in depth and also allowing people the opportunity to call in with queries. It is also used to support and promote the Home Improve ment Campaign. We also use it to support the School Sanitation Campaigns; broadcasting recordings of plays which the pupils have written and performed themselves.

Tippy Tap hand washing facilities10832657506_d7c8e62277_o

We train communities in how to construct Tippy Tap hand washing facilities from locally available materials. Hand washing saves lives – washing hands after using the toilet or before handling food, for example, is an easy and affordable intervention that can reduce diarrhoea among children under five by almost 50 per cent, and cut respiratory infections by as much as 25 per cent. 

Rural Soap Initiative – BUSOAPA

21804012825_82c7ceb282_oThis year Busoga Trust began work on a project teaching entrepreneurial individuals in rural communities how to produce and market saleable liquid soap products. In many communities, soap is not always affordable or available at all. The two main goals of this project are improved community driven hygiene education, and revenue generation for the poorest members of the community. We hope this small investment will both save and financially improve the lives of those who participate.