Stories of success

Jon Snow – Presenter

‘I’m a big fan of the Busoga Trust’s work. This (Busoga) is a needy area in Uganda where I once worked myself as a VSO. Despite the blessing of the Nile runing through it, Busoga is a poor area. Water remains a structural need. In our time we collected rainwater in butts. There was no mains supply to Namasagali and water of the Nile itself was too impure. I have no hesitation in urging people to back the Trust’s work.’


Sarah’s story

“When Busoga Trust came to my village they showed us pictures of latrines and I wanted one. Before I got a latrine I used to defecate in the bush. It was not comfortable to go to the toilet there because there was no privacy. I was always looking around for snakes or people watching. Many people used to go to the toilet in the bush and when it would rain I would get hookworms from walking in the grass. I would have to take time to clean my legs and the baby thoroughly because I feared we may have picked up worms from the faeces on the grass. Now I have a latrine I look at my home as beautiful and am very proud. I feel that my parents are also proud of me because I have a clean house and latrine.”

Harriet’s story

“The new pump has been working for four months now and it is managed by a water committee. The new water is so good, it is clean and safe. It is better for drinking and cooking and we are no longer sick. “The Busoga Trust helped us to build our latrine. They showed us how to make the tippy tap and a bath shelter. The bath shelter is very private and it helps keep my home clean and tidy and it is much easier to keep my children clean. I’m proud of my home now. Before when water was scarce I was afraid to use too much for chores in the house but now I can keep my house clean and I know the water is safe.”