Kamuli Milestones – 250 BT Water Sources

Kamuli Milestones – 250 BT Water Sources

Busoga Trust has implemented 2,300+ projects in our long partnership with the Church & Government of Uganda. This year we reached a landmark in Kamuli District. Over the last 30 years we have worked together on over 250 water, sanitation and hygiene projects. In September this year we celebrated the commissioning of our 250th water source in Kamuli District. Busoga Trust and Kamuli District are enjoying a long and fruitful partnership.

Timeline - Kamuli

Timeline of BT work in Kamuli District

When Busoga Trust works in a District such as Kamuli we begin with high level mobilisation. We use the District Water Office (DWO) as our entry point who are the Civil Servants, we also meet other Civil Servants such as the Regional District Commissioner (RDC) who is like the District President, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Senior Assistant Secretary (SAS) but we also meet with the political wing of Local government such as Local Councillor Level 5 (LC5) and the Members of Parliament (MP). We ask the District’s advice on which Sub-Counties would be most suitable for our technologies and of those Sub-Counties that are suitable we try to identify the ones that are most in need of our support. We liaise as much as possible with Local Government to optimise our working partnership without removing any of their responsibilities or authority.

As evidence of our good working partnership we were honoured to be joined at the celebrations by a representative of the Speaker of Parliament who sent us the Ugandan Ambassador to Malaysia, the LC5, RDC, DWO, District Health Inspector as well as the Local Councillors Level 3 (LC3) and Local Councillors Level 1 (LC1) as well as community members and schools. The MP’s could not attend in person due to Parliamentary obligations but also sent their representatives.


Kamuli has become one of our flagship Districts and it is here where our partners at Whave Solutions are implementing the ‘Safe Water Security’ project. Over 110 communities in Kamuli have already been trained in this programme. These communities have agreed to make regular payments to Whave who in turn contract ‘WASH Service Providers’ (WSP) to maintain water source functionality as well as make hygiene and sanitation improvements. Four of the eight voluntary Hand Pump Mechanics Busoga Trust has trained in the District have now become salaried WSPs; each will have a concession of 30 wells that they are responsible to maintain, payments to the WSP’s are based on functionality of the well as well as general sanitation and hygiene standards in each community.

Source Type Capture

Kamuli Source Types

Another initiative we have begun in Kamuli is to enable one of our Mechanics, who is now also a WSP, to become a spare parts seller. This initiative brings spare parts for the pumps closer to the communities and therefore reduces the cost and time taken travelling to Jinja to buy replacement parts. This is further aiding the improved functionality in the District.

Through the Safe Water Security program, improved communication with the Local Government and spare parts sales we are improving the functionality of water sources in Kamuli in a sustainable manner.

Busoga Trust thoroughly enjoys partnering with Kamuli District and plans to continue with more new water sources and rehabilitations and sanitation projects in Kamuli in 2016 and beyond.

Kamuli Source Map

Map of Kamuli Projects