Herefordshire Auction Funds Two Wells

Herefordshire Auction Funds Two Wells

Friends not only to Herefordshire but to the great East African nation of Uganda, the group so ably driven by the wonderfully charitable, Sue and Jeremy Bugler, raised a barnstorming £5,300 from their fabulous charity auction this September.

Being of sound mind and body Jeremy and Sue decided against auctioning items beyond their control, such as the Australian citizen who casually tried to auction off New Zealand in 2006, opting for a much more traditional approach of promises and solid, tangible objects.

The auction was held at Woodlands Farm, Blakemere on the 21st of September drawing crowds of a 100 plus from Blakemere, Hay-on-Wye and the wider Herefordshire region. For sale included one pair of antique Dutch clogs, paintings old and new, designer prints and other objet d’art also graced the stalls. A weekend in a London flat was auctioned off to one lucky bidder as was a well-travelled horse box to a generous lady from Hay whom I am reliably informed, did not own a horse (we will be following this up in the New Year).

The big ticket item of the evening came in the shape of a 1984 Land Rover. Just two years younger than the trust and still going strong the automotive equivalent of the Duracell bunny raised an excellent £1,000 toward the total.

Across the year both Jeremy and Sue have really helped to drive the Herefordshire fundraising and have, in addition to the auction raised a further £2,000 plus to be used for the installation of 2 new wells this coming year. Thanks to these sterling efforts a further 1,000 people in rural Uganda will receive the gift of clean, potable water and all of the indirect benefits that come with it.

So, to Sue, Jeremy and all the Friends of Herefordshire we raise a glass this Christmas and say a big warm hearted Busoga Trust thank you.