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As individual or groups, fundraising for Busoga Trust is a fun way you can make a real impact to our work.

Individual fundraising

Support us by taking part in some crazy, or not so crazy event and getting your friends to sponsor you: Host a tea party, cake sale, run a marathon, or, if you are getting married or having a birthday, get people to donate towards the cost of a well instead of giving gifts.You can set up a page to help bring the donations in here.

Rebecca Pattinson: Racing the Planets

Rebecca set out to complete ‘The Race of the Planets‘  – one of the toughest foot races in the world comprising of 6 marathons in 6 days event in the Himalayas. Women and children walk miles every day to collect water which is safe enough to drink. Rebecca felt that testing herself in these conditions was a fitting way to raise money to help them. It was an incredible effort and was justly rewarded as she a massive £9303.75 which meant we were able to fund the Bukwanga Village project.



Group fundraising

The Trust has always been most fortunate in the support it has received from various groups; whether schools, churches, rotarians, or groups of friends. Groups help us by raising vital funds for our work and we can help them establish links with similar Ugandan groups. Groups or organisations who have fostered links with parallel Ugandan organisations can often take advantage of the Busoga House in Jinja to accomodate groups on visits, or volunteers on a longer term basis. Contact us to find out more.

Bristol Cathedral Choir School

Bristol Cathedral School (BCS) sent their first pair of Gap Year students to Uganda in 1987 to work with the Busoga Trust. Over the years the school has raised money for the Busoga Trust on various occasions including a sponsored Three Peaks Challenge by a group of teachers. BCS students have always regarded the Busoga Trust Guest House as their home, and school trip groups have enjoyed informative days out to see the work of the Trust, whilst visiting Jinja to volunteer at their partner school.