Busoga Birthday Boy

Busoga Birthday Boy


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24th February 1984: Working under the rural development programme established by then Bishop of Busoga, Cyprian Bamwoze, in a project funded by members of St. Michaels Church, Chester Square, London and Newtown High School of Powys, Wales, engineer Ivor Feist and Hydrogeologist, Dave Shaw, began drilling at Pilkington College, Muguluka, Uganda; the first water source completed by what is now the Busoga Trust.

Fast forward to 2014, the Busoga Trust once again descended on Pilkington College, this time to mark the remarkable 30th anniversary of its first community water source. Beneficiaries including staff and students from Pilkington College and members of the local Muguluka community threw the historic borehole a birthday to remember in recognition of its outstanding service.

Thanks to some exceptional engineering and a wonderful community spirit the source is still fully functional and has been busy serving over a thousand people, day in day out, for 30 years. The secret behind the well’s endurance lies perhaps in the tall letters daubed across the main school building, “Not to be served, but to serve”.  The children, staff and community members have obviously taken those words to heart. Whenever the well at Pilkington College needed to be cleaned, when the cement needed to be fixed, when the handle needed greasing or the piston replacing, it was the school and community who collected the money and arranged for the maintenance. It’s that community spirit and engaged participation that has been so fundamental to the longevity of this special birthday boy.

It’s a lesson not lost on the team at Busoga Trust who have learned over the years that in order for water sources to be truly sustainable they must be maintained by the communities they serve. For this reason, together with partner organisation, Whave, Busoga Trust are working hard to empower communities to take control of their own water sources and, in turn, their own destinies. So, as its water source heads into its 4th decade Pilkington College stands as a shining example to us all, happy birthday old chap!