Our Mission

The Busoga Trust – Mission, Values and Ethos


Our Roots

In the late 1970s, the Bishop of Busoga, Uganda, set up a multi-sectoral Rural Development Programme. The aim was to restore the health and economy of a region ravaged by water-borne disease, corruption and misgovernment. At that time, Uganda had a safe water coverage level of below 10%.

In 1982 Bishop Cyprian Bamwose visited London to seek help with the development programme. St Michaels, Chester Square, agreed to establish a charity for the water provision aspect of this programme. One of the founders, Rev Canon Andrew Pearson, continues to lead The Busoga Trust today.

Since 1983 The Busoga Trust has become independent of the Busoga Diocese. It has structured itself as a service provider and implemented successful water contracts for WaterAid, DfID, Comic Relief, Plan, UN Habitat, Simavi, The Global Fund and others.

We have constructed over 2,340 water sources since 1983, serving more than one million Ugandans. Our remit has expanded from rural water to include comprehensive sanitation and hygiene programmes and projects in peri-urban areas. Originally operating in the Busoga region, The Busoga Trust has also expanded geographically, to include projects in Luwero, Mpigi, Masindi, Hoima and Bugembe, and Kenya and Tanzania on occasion.


Our Mission

The Busoga Trust is a Christian NGO, providing an inclusive WASH programme for people in need.

Our Objectives

  • Improving the lives of the rural poor through the provision of clean and safe drinking water with adequate sanitation.
  • Increasing community awareness of its rights through sensitization and high level advocacy.
  • Promoting effective and sustainable utilization and management of drinking water at household level.


With a 34-year continuous presence in Uganda, The Busoga Trust operates with a long-term perspective, believing that real, sustainable change occurs over generations, not months. While safe water coverage has improved to 65% across Uganda, many rural communities still use unsafe water sources and lack improved sanitation. The primary focus of The Busoga Trust therefore remains the provision of safe water sources and improved sanitation and hygiene education for the rural poor.

Our Values

  • Compassion for those weighed down by the consequences of contaminated drinking water.
  • Partnership with local communities, local government, schools and supporters in providing WASH.
  • Empowerment of individuals and communities to manage long-term solutions themselves.
  • Accountability for what we do.


Our Ethos

Our employees include people of other faiths, and of none, and we value each member of staff’s commitment to The Busoga Trust’s objectives. We value people regardless of his or her gender, age, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation or means.

The way we work is as important as the outputs we achieve. As a Christian NGO we seek to follow the example of Christ. Jesus addressed peoples’ needs in a holistic manner, so the Busoga Trust aims to do the same among the communities with whom we work. We work at relationships and not just tasks. We pray, and encourage regular voluntary prayer for the charity’s work, because it is God’s work ultimately, not ours. We aim at no debts, timely payments, durable equipment, safe working and fairness for staff and beneficiaries.


We are a service provider. Donations are for the Trust’s beneficiaries, people who are deprived of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. Managing our projects incurs overheads, and these are included in our costs. However, we strive to keep them to a minimum.

You can see our accounts, and compare them to others, on the UK Charity Commission website.