Philanthropy in the Square Mile

Philanthropy in the Square Mile

The City, and the people who work in it, have had a very hard press over the last few years. The blanket stereotype of City professionals would have you believe that they are right up there with Nero, playing their fiddles while Rome burns.

And yet, when you think about it, the idea of philanthropy having deep roots in this global financial powerhouse makes sense. After all, one of the world’s oldest charitable organisations The City Bridge Trust has been raising funds of some sort for the best part of a millennium and still pays for the upkeep of the city bridges, among many other things.  Indeed, Angela Burdett-Coutts was a famous philanthropist (“The Queen of the Poor”) and a woman after our own hearts as she was responsible for ensuring a supply of safe drinking water for deprived parts of London, including public drinking fountains in Hackney. Now, along with the Bridge Trust and the philanthropy divisions of the large banks, there are other charitable bodies to be found in the square mile i.e.  City Philanthropy  & The Funding Network

So, when the Trust was invited to take part in the inaugural City Funding Network event, designed to cater to younger professionals, we jumped at the chance. We found all people concerned to be genuinely humble and interested in the work which we and the other two great organisations* were doing. The night was a great success and raised a combined total of £27000 in an hour for the three charities.  The Trust cannot thank enough the people whose combined donations raised £10452.50 for us that night, which will fund three wells (to be constructed next spring)

The evening was filmed and you can watch our Development Manager, Rob, giving the 6 minute presentation on the work of the Trust below;

*The other charities were;

Cecily’s Fund – a great organisation providing school sponsorship programmes, leading on to teacher training in Zambia

Reprezent Radio – a vibrant group of young adults running a radio station in London, providing real opportunities for an avenue for young creative talent which would otherwise be lost.