Director’s Annual Report 2012

Director’s Annual Report 2012


 We touched more lives and achieved more results than in any previous year, including the days of DFID largesse in the 1990s.  Alongside more outputs, the quality of our work and its recording and reporting improved significantly.  For this we must thank:

1.) You, our wonderfully kind and generous donors and supporters.
2.) Our Ugandan team who have worked hard with enthusiasm and determination.


1.) 111 new Community Water Sources including;

  • 88 Hand Dug Wells14 Boreholes
  • 4 Protected Springs
  • 5 Large Tanks (20/50,000 litres)

2.)  63 Rehabilitated Community Water Sources

3.)  35 Domestic Tanks (6,000 litre)


4.)  111 CLTS (Community Led Total Sanitation) Campaigns in communities gaining new sources, to raise levels of sanitation and hygiene: i.e. education in the safe water chain and the construction of latrines, washing facilities, storage and drying facilities, rubbish pits, ventilated kitchens and energy saving stoves, as part of the contribution of beneficiaries to their new well.

5.) 3 HICs (Home Improvement Campaigns).  Similar to CLTS but more intensive and thorough, including prizes for the best improvements across several communities.

6.) 73 Flush Toilets in the slums of Bugembe near Jinja, serving 1,384 people (Partner UN Habitant using micro finance loans).

7.)  9 Ecosan Toilets.

8.)  800 LC1 and LC2 officials from local government trained in good governance, with special emphasis on responsibility for sustainability of old water sources.

9.)  149 Water User Committees trained in their responsibilities for upkeep and maintenance of their local water sources (including collection of funds for maintenance).

10.)   Renewal and Restoration of the Ugandan BT Database to show location, history and current status of every BT water source, as part of our drive to 100% functionality.

11.)  Long Term Educational Support for orphan children of former employees, seven of whom have recently qualified, one from Makerere University.

12.)  A major upgrade of BT’s website, to give much more information on Trust activities, both in Uganda and the UK.

13.)  2 new Partnerships formed with “United Way Uganda” (Boreholes) and Danish Embassy  (Good Governance).

14.)  10 British “Gap Year” students were accommodated in the BT Guest House in Jinja, whilst teaching in their link schools.

Our special project, our dream, is to achieve 100% functionality of all our water sources.  We believe this will be a “first” in Africa.  Most agencies cannot tell you how many of their sources are currently functioning and, because they have moved on, they are not able to find out.  Yet, for example, local government officers in 12 districts in Uganda have told us that they have 3,600 non functioning water sources.  That means 1.8 million people have had their hopes for clean water and better health raised and then crushed.  About 200 of our BT sources also need rehabilitating.  Because of our long term commitment we are in a position to put this right and to do so in a much more sustainable way.  We aim to set a new standard of 100% functionality which, we hope, will create an expectation and demand which will become unstoppable across the nation.

As we embark on the exciting challenge of 2013 we hope you will want to come with us.  We are addressing the most basic and essential human need after clean air, and yet there are so many who have no access to clean water and know little about good hygiene.  They need our help in order to be able to help themselves.

Thank you so much for your invaluable and wonderful support.

Andrew Pearson
January 2013