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History of the Busoga Trust

The Busoga Trust in its present form was first conceived of in 1982. The organisation takes its name from the kingdom of Busoga in Uganda. In 1979 the Rt. Revd. Cyprian Bamwoze, then Bishop of Busoga, set up the Busoga Diocese multi-sectoral rural development programme (MSRDP) with the aim of bringing improved prosperity and hope to the people of his Diocese after years of political turmoil and anarchy.

To expand this work the Bishop sought support and partnership from his contacts in the UK, which led to the foundation of the Busoga Trust, a UK based charity which aims to raise money for integrated water, sanitation and hygiene development projects in  rural areas of Uganda.

The Trust started its programme of constructing improved water sources in 1984. In 1996 at the invitation of the Bishop of Luwero, the Trust extended its work into his diocese, in what was known as the former killing fields of Uganda. After 2000 the Trust began to work anywhere in Uganda, tendering for work with both local government and private donors.

In the past the Trust benefited greatly from funding by the UK government, the EU and Comic Relief, but currently relies almost entirely on private sources in the UK including schools, churches, trusts and, increasingly, individuals. The Trust has encouraged links between such groups as churches and schools in the UK and Uganda, and these have produced many long-term benefits to both parties.